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Are these projects verified by a third-party?
Our project is designed to be verified by you the donor. To better serve you, we will provide you with an online monitoring platform to check your plantation and also get a real-time reporting & progress on all trees planted.

How are the projects monitored?
Each programme is monitored by Greenway to ensure that the project is proceeding as planned. Greenway officials make field visits to the projects as well to review their work on-site.

How can I be sure these projects are sequestering and preventing the release of the amount of carbon you say they are?
Our verification process is methodical, detailed, and time-consuming for a reason. We’ve vetted these projects using this process to ensure, without a doubt, that these projects are doing what they claim to do.

Where do you plant the trees?
Your funding supports the planting of fruit trees in any region of your choice. The project mainly plants in school locations, helping to educate children and support wildlife habitats whilst sequestering carbon emissions.

Why are you listing the challenges for your project?
Every project, no matter how good it is, has challenges. We believe it’s important to present you with the full details on each project, even if those details include what the project is working to make better. We do this, so supporters can see and understand what they are supporting and make informed choices about how to best protect the environment.

Can I see where my donation went?
Of course! We send you quarterly updates via the online portal on projects you’ve donated to.

How can I donate?
If a particular project appeals to you, simply select that project, pick the number of tonnes you’d like to donate, and voilà, you’ve taken action for Earth.

Why does each project charge a different amount for a tonne of carbon?
When you’re dealing with projects all around the world, you’re bound to run into some logistical differences. Each project with a different approach in different parts of the country using different kinds of technology to cut emissions. These technologies also cost different amounts depending on up-front costs, maintenance costs and the price of materials in that region.

What forms of payment does Greenway accept?
You can also mail us a check or send a wire. We will confirm receipt of them all.

Do you offer refunds?
Nope! When it comes to carbon tonnes, retirement is permanent. When you generously support a ZeCaP initiative, we send the money to the project. Once these projects retire the carbon tonnes associated with your support, they cannot be unretired.

Where is my donation certificate?
You will receive an email from with your certificate attached. If it’s not there, check your spam folder. And if you still don’t see it, please write to us at and we will be happy to help get you a new one!

Are there other ways I can help beyond donating money?
Every single person on the planet is capable of taking active steps to progressively reduce their carbon footprint—from the car, you drive to the light bulbs you use, to the way you eat— even if it doesn’t involve a donation.

Partnership Opportunities

Can my organization partner with Greenway?
Possibly! We partner with organizations of all shapes and sizes with all kinds of goals — reach out to us at and we can tailor something specific that suits your needs. We love to collaborate, so write to us today!

Can you help us calculate emissions?
You bet! Hit us up at the email ( and we’ll reach out to you within 24 hours or at the very least, the next business day.

CO₂ and Climate Change

What is carbon pollution and how is it caused?
Carbon pollution refers to the amount of excess carbon generated and released into the Earth’s atmosphere. Since the Industrial Revolution, this amount has increased at a rate that’s led to a disruption of the natural carbon cycle.

What is offsetting?
Offsetting occurs when you take additional action (like donating to Greenway projects) that negates the carbon emissions you personally produce.

How much do I need to donate to offset my carbon footprint?
You can donate a tree or more. However, every tree planted will sequester up to 22KG of C02 annually and you only need to plant 45 trees to sequester 1 tCO2 in a year.

Carbon dioxide is needed for photosynthesis. How can it be bad for the environment?
Having too much of something is never good — we’re approaching a plateau where CO₂ levels aren’t going to provide much of an added benefit to plant
life. If anything, the increased heat and changing climate could create an environment detrimental to plant growth.

What is ZeCaP?

ZeCap is a forward stream carbon credit program which allows for more trees to be planted at the lowest marginal abatement cost. An initiative of Greenway International Foundation that offsets emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) tackling climate change with carbon credits to beat carbon pollution.
ZeCaP is a sustainable project for governments, industry or private individuals to compensate for the emissions they are generating. Think of it as a carbon return on investment. Just as you invest in other efficiency measures.
Zero Carbon Project (ZeCap) is developed for reasons of voluntary environmental stewardship, as well as legal compliance under a Greenhouse Gas Cap & Trade program. Voluntary carbon (GHG) reducers may wish to monetize reductions in their carbon footprint by trading the reductions in exchange for monetary compensation at Greenway International Foundation.

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