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The Pendulum “Forever” Cup


The Pendulum is Hot Selling innovative Cup that is progressively reducing (disposable cups) plastic waste and planting trees.  You are not only supporting a worthy cause and sustainable product, but you are also giving back to communities.

The Pendulum is Popularly known as the “Responsible People’s Cup” for Responsible Living.
Responsible living starts by making eco-friendly choices, being a conscious consumer, volunteering, and helping your community.

For every Cup you buy, Greenway will donate a Tree and Plant in schools across the nation.



The Pendulum – A.K.A “myPartner” – “Responsible People’s Cup”

                                                             Product Description
Product Name Pendulum “Forever” Cup
Material Silicon
Color Natural (Translucent) x Varieties
Feature Reusable, Healthy, Non-toxic, Hot & Cold resistance, Tree Planting, Portable, Collapsible
Usage Drinking Cup, Travel, Daily Use
Heat Resistant 120℃ coil and 100 ℃ water
Cold Resistant Can be used in the microwave and the refrigerator