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About Our Trees

We reduce your environmental impact by planting fruit trees and shrubs that are native to the region in every school. Our trees sequester carbon, tree provide fruits for school communities, help reduce soil salinity, help combat wind and water erosion, enhance biodiversity and restore the habitat for native animals.

How does it work?

Companies use our Carbon Reduction Program in many ways - it may be that they plant X number of trees for every product sold, donate X number of trees to compensate for carbon emissions produced. Or they may simply want to plant trees and let the world know their intent by promoting social impact and good environmental practice.

Stand out from the crowd and engage your customers - tree planting on behalf of your business is a simple way to maximize your company’s environmental status and demonstrates a real commitment to the environment to your customers.

It is a positive and cost-effective environmental action. Be creative with trees - we’ll work with you to structure a program that’s right for your business. GH175 per tree + Carbon Reduction Certificate (CRC).

Marketing materials and support

We offer a range of marketing and communications support.
A personalized certificate - will be provided no matter how many trees you plant in schools, and we can assist with a media release statement to promote your contribution to your stakeholders.

Your company is entitled to usage of our Zero Carbon logo — on your website, social media, email signature, and other marketing collateral — once the minimum* annual threshold of 45 trees is achieved.

Become our Net Zero Partner - and be listed on our website as a Green Business through a minimum * annual spend.

*For organizations of less than 8 people — other minimums apply for eight people and over — see Enrollment Form.

Support Zero Carbon Project

Once you have made a minimum commitment, you can choose any billing cycle that suits your business best: monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. No matter which cycle is best for you, all you need to tell us is how many trees you would like us to raise in the next invoice and we’ll take care of the rest.


Carbon Reduction Enrollment Form

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